🎇Dear UFIN Community,🎇

🌟On behalf of UFIN Team, we would like to wish you a Happy New Year. Hope things are going all right with you.

🌟Thank you for always supporting UFIN, please continue with us the next time and look forward to the upcoming series of explosive events!


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Hi community,
🎗Today #UFIN would like to send you an announcement about cooperation with #CowboySnake project in the near future.

Sure you’ve heard of and played the Snake game when you’re young.
🛡But this time, #CowboySnake will bring you back to relive that memory, with A LOT of fun twists!
📌Join in the world of snake games, but this time, you can challenge players around the world! Compete, hunt items, win, and make profits!

🍁#CowboySnake is a very potential NFT game project that UFIN has been eyeing for a while. With this partnership, we hope to bring
#CowboySnake closer to you and accelerate the development of the project.

👉 Check them out: https://cowboysnake.com/

🔰RETWEET : https://twitter.com/UfinUk/status/1472857803580600321
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🍀Dear Ufin community,

📣During our partner — Zuki Moba IDO, we will muted all our Groups from now on till Zuki Moba IDO end
⏰ IDO Time: 14:30 UTC

⛄️Thanks for your understanding and wish you all the best!

👉ZUKI Token will be listed on @PancakeSwap at 15:00 UTC, 20th Nov
👉Contract ZUKI token: 0xE81257d932280AE440B17AFc5f07C8A110D21432

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✅Vietnam, as a developing country, is gradually opening up and accepting blockchain technology and its applications in many different industries in recent times.

📌In the Blockchain Talk series organized by Vietnam Blockchain Chapter — VBC (under VECOM) and Blockchain Chapter — BAS (member of DTS Digital Transformation Alliance), Ufin participated in the discussion on the topic “Portraits of the New Blockchain company generation. Who are they?” with Mr. Lucid Hoang — Founder & CTO of Ufin. There is also the participation of many other experts from DTS, Monihub, Calo App.

🌟See what industry experts have to say about these new opportunities:


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📣Dear Jeritex community,
Please note these timelines on your calendar

📌Airdrop Round 1
- Ended on November 5, 2021
- Distributing rewards on November 30, 2021

📌Airdrop Round 2
- Ended on November 15, 2021
- Distributing rewards on December 10, 2021

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📚We are very pleased to announce the partnership with #ZukiMoba.
🍁From now on, #UFIN will be the backer and investor for #ZukiMoba project. With this partnership, #UFIN hopes #ZukiMoba will have more support to create a successful project!

🍁#ZukiMoba is a snowball MOBA game with a vast metaverse along with an enormous amount of NFTs. With its intriguing gameplay, #ZukiMoba is highly rated by professionals and expected to create a huge blast!


🔆Let’s all wait for Zuki Moba’s update!

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📌Starting November with good news from Ufin!
Recently, Ufin was listed in the landscape of one of the FinTech companies in the Blockchain segment in the UK.
❗️This landscape contains more than 100 names in the Blockchain industry in UK. Standing with Ufin, there are lots of noticeable big names like Ventures, Santander, NEXO, Borderless Capital and many other names.


📌This has responded to the efforts and efforts to prove the potential of Ufin over the past time.
Stay tuned with us!