💁Do you know the obesity rate in the world is getting high?A good health start with good nutrition and exercises. So today UFIN wants to introduce a very potential NFT project about health

💪Calo App is a global health & fitness app that promote user to workout.It is backed by blockchain platforms, and allow participants burn calories to earn tokens.Not only that,they create gamify fitness challenges to make workout a whole new experience for user
📌With value proposition called””” Burn to Earn”””, Calo App will help users burn calories to earn better health, positive spirit,experience with community and income from tokens and NFT rewards! The Calo App will change the world by helping people burn calories and get rewarded

🔰Right now Calo Run is having their IDO Whitelist on JLaunchpad,don’t miss out!
🔥Round 1(200 slots for KOLs):
🔥Round 2(400 slots FCFS on Gleam):
#UFIN #Calo #GameFi



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