Fintech Unicorn
Dec 20, 2021


Hi community,
🎗Today #UFIN would like to send you an announcement about cooperation with #CowboySnake project in the near future.

Sure you’ve heard of and played the Snake game when you’re young.
🛡But this time, #CowboySnake will bring you back to relive that memory, with A LOT of fun twists!
📌Join in the world of snake games, but this time, you can challenge players around the world! Compete, hunt items, win, and make profits!

🍁#CowboySnake is a very potential NFT game project that UFIN has been eyeing for a while. With this partnership, we hope to bring
#CowboySnake closer to you and accelerate the development of the project.

👉 Check them out: https://cowboysnake.com/

🔰RETWEET : https://twitter.com/UfinUk/status/1472857803580600321
#UFIN #CowboySnake #GameFi #NFTGame